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Target disease Glaucoma / Ocular hypertension
Development stage Phase II trial in Japan
License out to Wakamoto Company, Ltd.
Overview The drug has been confirmed by animal tests, etc. to have strong ocular hypotensive effect and neuroprotective action, and is considered to have a new mode of action.
It is a development product optimized based on a seed compound of our compound library. Through the Drug Western method, the target protein has been identified as a heat shock protein Hsp90. We made a presentation of the target protein at ARVO (*) held in May 2013. A glaucoma drug binding to Hsp90 will be the first in the world.
In July 2018 phase II clinical study was completed with the good results. Currently, Wakamoto has been advancing preparations towards the domestic phase III clinical study.

*ARVO: The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology 2012
One of the largest international congresses in the area of ophthalmology

Development Progress

2013 Mar. Licensed rights in Japan to Wakamoto Co., Ltd.
Dec. Initiated non-clinical studies
2016 Mar. Completed non-clinical studies
Mar. Initiated phase I trial in Japan
2017 Mar. Completed phase I trial in Japan
Aug. Initiated phase II trial in Japan
2018 Jul. Completed phase II trial in Japan


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