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Last year in 2018 D. Western Therapeutics Institute, Inc. (DWTI) conducted our company's first clinical trial in the US. In the process of our growth strategy, it was indispensable to achieve clinical development of compounds created by ourselves, finally realized, and the results of the test were also good. In addition, H-1129 has completed the late Phase II clinical trials in Japan and DW-1002 which was transferred business in 2017 was ended the doctor-led clinical trial (domestic clinical trial) , and in both cases, we are moving forward for preparation of the next phase . One of the important indicators for the corporate value of bio-venture companies is the development stage of each pipeline they own, but from such a point of view, we believe that we were able to successfully raise corporate value over the last year. Furthermore, in our research activities, which is the source of our competitiveness, we have conducted collaborative research which is a drug discovery activity in a new framework with Glaukos Corporation, a US company. In addition, we carried out efforts for diseases other than ophthalmologic field in collaboration with Chiba University. Last year was the year that we had various movements compared to the usual year.

DWTI’s business promotion goals are to expand its pipeline and business domain. In line with these goals, we made Japan Innovative Therapeutics, Inc. ("JIT") into a consolidated subsidiary in 2015 and were assigned the business of DW - 1002 in 2017 and conducted a clinical trial in the US of H-1337 in 2018.
For 2018, we will continue to further expand our business base by raising the quality and quantity of our pipeline in conformity with the above-mentioned theme. We will focus on H-1129, H-1337 and DW-1002 in particular as our significant pipeline products.

Uncertainty of the new drugs development increases year by year. In such situation, our technical strength of the basic research of new drugs as feature of our company is useful extremely, our company need to more exert our technical strength. To exert our technical strength, we will continuously make a strong effort to “increasing the pipelines” and “expanding the business area”. And, as a result, we will tackle on the improvement of our profitability and securement of revenue source.

We will maintain our philosophy of “innovative new drugs to the world from Japan” and will continue developing our business toward creation of additional new enterprise value to answer the shareholders and other stakeholders expectations, while emphasizing the basic study division where our strength lies.

In this context, we would appreciate very much the continued support to us by the shareholders and other stakeholders.

President and CEO Yuichi Hidaka

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