D.Western Therapeutics Institute,Inc.is a biotechnology company that focuses on development of innovative new drags to serve patients worldwide.

Founding Anecdote

Passion of the Founder

Chairman  Hiroyoshi Hidaka,M.D.,Ph.D.

Hiroyoshi Hidaka,M.D.,Ph.D.

With a desire to develop effective drugs by my own company

His strong passion for drug discovery leads him to establish DWTI.
Dr. Hiroyoshi Hidaka, the founder, talks about his passion at the time.

Reason to establish DWTI

After graduation of medical school, I worked as a doctor and was gratified to see patients recover day by day. But with much consideration, I began to think that discovering new drugs might have a big effect for patients rather than consulting them as a doctor.

While teaching at universities, I continued my studies of pharmacology, and also involved in developing 2 drugs, which are now on the market, with 2 different pharmaceutical companies. With a desire to develop effective drugs by my own company, I established DWTI in 1999 as a biotechnology venture company.

Drug development needs cooperation by many people with various area expertise. Therefore, it both requires researcher who share a same dream of drug development and managements and office staff who support researcher and administrative side of R&D Laboratory. I spent a long time to find those who share my dream from Hokkaido to Kyusyu. Finally, I have found those who share my strong will to develop novel drugs.

The first thing that I did was to motivate these people to keep higher level of passion as same as me. The most difficult thing in developing drugs is we have to face frequent failure. Sometimes we find unexpected toxicity in possible candidate for new drug with strong efficacy. And sometimes we face huge difficulty that we have ever imagined before developing new drugs. In that circumstance, we should overcome these obstacles with strong passion toward drug development.

Now we have organized DWTI members consists of researcher who are passionate in search of novel drugs and managements and office staff who support R&D.

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