D.Western Therapeutics Institute,Inc.is a biotechnology company that focuses on development of innovative new drags to serve patients worldwide.

What kind of company is DWTI?

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While general public’s understanding of the pharmaceutical industry may be that “drugs are manufactured and sold by pharmaceutical companies,” in recent years, the way of understanding is changing.

Today, in the United States which is running ahead of others in terms of pharmaceutical development, one from two newly marketed pharmaceuticals originates from the creation of “bio venture” companies.
The “bio venture” corresponds to the venture business specializing in pharmaceutical manufacture, which was first known in the United States in 2000. Considering that the presence of bio venture companies has now increased with a number of pharmaceuticals created by bio venture companies, we may safely say, “bio venture companies are playing the main role in drug design now; development of new pharmaceuticals would be difficult without bio venture companies.”

DWTI is one of such numerous, active bio venture companies. We wish to inform you what its features are among those.


D. Western Therapeutics Institute, Inc. (DWTI) is a bio venture company which is creating seeds of new pharmaceuticals with slogan of “Innovative New Drugs to the World from Japan.”

Features of DWTI

DWTI has three distinguished features as mentioned below:

No. 1: Specialized in basic studies

While the bio venture business covers a wide area, DWTI is specialized in the basic study, the very origin of pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Fully utilizing the original “engine” (fundamental technology) for manufacturing pharmaceuticals, which has been transferred from the corporate founder, DWTI is creating innovative pharmaceuticals never existing before.
As a consequence, DWTI is currently developing more than one development (“pipeline”) product with partner pharmaceutical manufacturers.

No. 2: Holding a marketed pharmaceutical

In December 2014, we saw the birth of the pharmaceutical launched in the market, the first one ever since our foundation. A bio venture company is considered to have high value if it holds a marketed product. We believe this proves our high level of technology and our enthusiasm for drug development for, in Japan, only a limited number of companies have so far succeeded in bringing the new pharmaceuticals created by them to the stage of marketing.
Furthermore, in addition to those articles whose basic study has been completed and which is being developed by the partner company, we have a number of articles which we are studying at our own laboratory. Although the probability of successful development of pharmaceuticals is extremely low, to hold a large number of development articles allows our business fundamentals to be stable.

No. 3: Development organization of a few people of superior ability

Another strength of DWTI is that it has a small-scale, high efficiency development organization.
Development of pharmaceuticals requires a large amount of funds and a long period, not excepting the basic studies.
Under such a circumstance, it is the DWTI’s development laboratory where highly skilled researchers with enthusiasm for pharmaceutical manufacturing are gathering.
Although the probability of succeeding in pharmaceutical development is extremely low, the DWTI’s enthusiasm for drug creation is leading the drug development to a success.

Supported by these features, DWTI will be able to continue making seeds of new pharmaceuticals, grow them and continue corporate growth while further improving the developed products.
With the mission of “Innovative New Drugs to the World from Japan,” we are targeting to become a leader in the industry.


What kind of company is DWTI?
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