D.Western Therapeutics Institute,Inc.is a biotechnology company that focuses on development of innovative new drags to serve patients worldwide.

Feature of Drug Discovery

Early Licensing Out

One of the features of our drug creation business is that licensing out is achieved at a relatively early stage of the research and development, compared to other venture companies developing general drug candidates.
The effects of achieving licensing out at an early stage of research and development are as follows:

  1. Early licensing out can stabilize expenditures.
  2. Management resources can be concentrated in the Company’s strength, fundamental research.

Approach to Drug Creation

Our Development Laboratories are committed to fundamental research, which is the upstream of the new drug development process. Specific research and development activities in the fundamental research include drug design, compound synthesis, drug efficacy and safety testing, etc. and cover up to compound screening, selection and optimization of a lead compound.

Our research and development features in these fundamental research activities lie in the approach to drug creation.
A general approach to drug creation is to utilize an efficient screening method based on the mechanism of a target disease and find an adequate compound for a therapeutic drug from a gigantic library. On the other hand, we select a lead compound from the drug creation engine, “Compound Library,” optimize it through vivo screening, and elucidate the mode of action by the another drug creation engine, “Drug Western Method” to determine the target.
The Development Laboratories efficiently advances the series of these processes through close collaboration between the Molecular Design & Chemistry Group and the Pharmacology Group (Development System).


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Drug Creation Engines

See here (Infrastructure Technologies) for our drug creation engines.

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