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Product Pipeline

Product Pipeline

As of Jan 2021

DWTI Product Pipeline

|DWTI‐Origin product
Products Clinical indication Development Process Market Partner
Ripasudil hydrochloride hydrate GLANATEC®
ophthalmic solution 0.4%
・ Ocular hypertension
Launch Japan Kowa Co.,Ltd.
Approval Korea
Approval Application Vietnam
K-321 Corneal endothelial disorders
(Fuchs corneal endothelial dystrophy)
Phase 2 USA Kowa Co.,Ltd.
Ripasudil hydrochloride hydrate/Brimonidine tartrate K-232 Glaucoma
・ Ocular hypertension
Phase 3 Japan Kowa Co.,Ltd.
H-1337 Glaucoma
・ Ocular hypertension
Phase 1/2a USA DWTI
K-134 Phase 2 (※) Japan Kowa Co.,Ltd.

※ K-134 has been targeted arteriosclerosis obliterans as indication, developed and completed phase 2 by Kowa Company, Ltd.. Meanwhile, Kowa is now considering another target disease.

|in‐licensed product
Products Clinical indication Development Process Market Partner
DW-1002 ILM peeling Launch Europe DORC
(Kyushu Univ.)
ILM peeling Launch USA DORC
(Kyushu Univ.)
ILM peeling Approval Canada DORC
(Kyushu Univ.)
ILM staining Phase 3 Japan Wakamoto Co.,Ltd.
(Kyushu Univ.)
Cataract surgery Phase 3 Japan Wakamoto Co.,Ltd.
(Kyushu Univ.)
DW-1001 Ophthalmic Treatment Agent
Nonclinical Studies Japan ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
(British Co.)
DW-5LBT Neuropathic pain Approval Application USA Collaborative development with MEDRx Co., Ltd.(MEDRx Co., Ltd.)
|research and development project
Products Clinical indication Development Process Collaborative Research
Signal transduction inhibitor developing projects Ophthalmology,
Central Nervous System,
Cardiovascular System,
Respiratory System
Fundamental Research Mie Univ. etc.
New device developing projects  Glaucoma,Corneal disorders,Retinal diseases Fundamental Research  Glaukos


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Japan Innovative Therapeutics, Inc. Product Pipeline

Products Clinical indication Development Proces Market Partner
therapeutic agent for retinopathy of prematurity retinopathy of prematurity Nonclinical Studies Japan JIT
(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)



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