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Target disease Ophthalmic Treatment Agent (non-disclosure)
Development stage Nonclinical Studies in Japan
License out to ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Overview In Europe and the United States, development has being promoted by a third-party licensee of a British company. In June 2015, we had licensed-in rights of Japan from British company and has been considering the formulation of this drug. In December 2019, we licensed rights of Japan out to ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

We are aiming to expand the indication to this indication for compounds already marketed for other diseases and develop with the so-called repositioning method.
Therefore, the development costs and risks are expected to be relatively low.

Development Progress

2015 Jun. In-licensed rights of Japan from British Co.
2019 Dec. Licensed out rights of Japan to ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


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