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Target disease Neuropathic pain after shingles
Development stage Filed NDA application in U.S.
Collaborative development company MEDRx Co., Ltd.
Overview DW-5LBT(MRX-5LBT) is a new type of lidocaine patch for the treatment of post-herpetic neuralgia that uses the ILTS® (lonic Liquid Transdermal System), an exclusive MEDRx technology incorporating the company’s ionic liquid expertise. DW-5LBT is being developed with the goal of targeting the market for Lidoderm®, a lidocaine patch.
In April 2020, we conducted collaborative development agreement with MEDRx. From now on, we will work with MEDRx to develop and commercialize the DW-5LBT(MRX-5LBT) in the United States.

Development Progress

2020 Apr. Conducted collaborative development agreement with MEDRx.
Aug. Filed NDA application in U.S.


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