D.Western Therapeutics Institute,Inc.is a biotechnology company that focuses on development of innovative new drags to serve patients worldwide.

IR Policy

IR Policy

Basic policy

We endeavor to disclose prompt, fair and accurate information to all shareholders/investors.
We undertake timely and proper information disclosure on the basis of transparency, fairness and continuity in accordance with applicable laws and ordinances such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the “Timely Disclosure Rules for Company Information” established by Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is our policy to disclose actively and fairly information that is not included in the laws and ordinances and/or the Timely Disclosure Rules for Company Information if such information is judged to help shareholders/investors have a better understanding of the Company.

Information disclosure methods

Disclosure of critical information that falls under the Timely Disclosure Rules for Company Information defined by Tokyo Stock Exchange is registered on the TSE timely disclosure transmission system (TDnet) for disclosure after preliminary explanation provided to TSE. The information disclosed on TDnet will also be posted promptly on our home page.
We will also widely disclose information that is not applicable to the Timely Disclosure Rules for Company Information by posting such information on our home page.

Future outlook

Of our disclosed information, the information other than past or current facts is the future outlook as judged by the Company based on the currently available information and it should therefore be noted that actual performances, etc. may greatly differ from the disclosed information depending on various risks including the economic situation and uncertain factors.

IR quiet period

We have an IR quiet period during which the Company will not answer questions or comment on the current financial quarter or future financial projections and/or results.
The Company’s IR quiet period starts from the day following the end of a (quarterly) accounting period to the date of announcement of the financial results.
In the event that future financial results are expected to be materially different or a critical fact occurs during this period, we will promptly disclose such information. We will also answer questions about the information the Company previously disclosed as appropriate.

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