D.Western Therapeutics Institute,Inc.is a biotechnology company that focuses on development of innovative new drags to serve patients worldwide.

Management Policy

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Basic Management Policy

The Company was established with the background of over 30-year history of protein kinase inhibitor development under the philosophy, “Innovative New Drugs to the World from Japan” and has been committed to the businesses for the purpose of conducting research and development of drugs based on the outcomes of unique scientific technologies and providing patients with more useful drugs than conventional ones at an early date.
The Company centralizes management resources in the upstream of new drug development with an aim to become a leading drug creation bio venture with stable management in mind.

Targeted Management Indicator

The Company believes that development pipeline expansion, licensing out and clinical development support activities of a licensed-out development product for its launch are important factors for a drug creation bio venture to improve its corporate value. It is our policy to invest management resources in the research and development activities including these activities.
The Company predicts that it will be able to secure steady profit once drug candidates under current development have completed clinical trials, royalty income is posted from sales of drugs after accomplishment of their launch, and when the income scale exceeds the expenses including the research and development cost. It is our target to accomplish these milestones at an early date and move into profit.

Medium- and Long-term Management Strategies of the Company

In general, it takes a time period of more than a decade and a huge amount of development cost before a new drug is invented/developed and finally delivered to the patient, and its success rate is not high.
Under this circumstance the Company is committed to drug creation infrastructure-based businesses utilizing our strengths of drug creation infrastructure based on the Company’s technologies.
As the feature of drug creation infrastructure-based businesses, by entrusting the clinical development stage with a pharmaceutical company through early licensing out, the development cost will be reduced, enabling stable financial operations. On the other hand, front money income, milestone income and royalty income from early licensing out of development product tend to be smaller than the income from late licensing out of development product. Aiming at expanding the pipeline for maximization of profit, the Company will actively get involved in continued development of new drugs and in-licensing activities and will also take into consideration the possibility that development subsequent to nonclinical studies may be carried out internally by the Company.

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