D.Western Therapeutics Institute,Inc.is a biotechnology company that focuses on development of innovative new drags to serve patients worldwide.

Issues Facing the Company

Outstanding Issues

The outstanding issues that we must deal with are as follows along with our action plan.

1. Enrichment of development pipeline

The success probability of new drugs development decreases year by year, our development pipeline is at risk for delay, abeyance and abort of development by multiple matters. In order to deal with the risk, we think it is necessary to expand the development pipeline. We will further promote discoveries of candidate compounds for new drugs through our fundamental research and proactively undertake in-licensing activities from universities and corporations to own multiple development pipeline comprised by various development stages.

2. Expansion of business field

We aim at licensing out at relatively early stages considering our own financial situation. As we consider that it is important for the improvement of our profitability, we promote efforts of the development by ourselves after a non-clinical study. In the future, we work on expanse of business field and make efforts for an increase of the corporate value.

3. Development support of development pipelines already licensed out

We will strive to build stable management infrastructure by supporting smooth clinical trials for the development products already licensed out to pharmaceutical companies in collaboration with them so as to achieve early launch of these development products.
Most of our pipelines have partners, but in the process of expanding the development pipelines, we will strategically promote new collaboration with pharmaceutical companies.

4. Application of basic technology

We are one of bio-tec ventures that have the substantial advantage of being able to create effective drug candidate compounds.
In order to maximize our strengths, we are focusing on the creation of protein kinase inhibitors, which are our unique basic technology, and we are actively promoting alliances with other companies. In addition, we will continue to study expanding indications in areas where protein kinase inhibitors are applied, for maximization of the potential of new drug candidates.

5. Improving the financial ground

Aiming at generating an earnings structure of high value, we plan expansion of pipeline and advancing stages of development. For this purpose, we will improve our financial ground by fund raising from financial and capital markets as necessary.

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