D.Western Therapeutics Institute,Inc.is a biotechnology company that focuses on development of innovative new drags to serve patients worldwide.

To Shareholders/Investors


Last year was an unprecedented year all over the world. D. Western Therapeutics Institute, Inc. (DWTI) has intensified its activities in line with following our business strategy,

"Enrichment of pipeline and expansion of business domain."

Especially in recent years, we have also focused on research collaboration with other companies and universities, and we believe that some valuable achievements have steadily come out.
As for business progress in 2020, all of the existing development products have advanced to the next phase, such as the launch of DW-1002 in the US, the obtainment of marketing authorization of Ripasudil (Granatec) in some Asian countries and the start of domestic Phase III clinical trials of its fixed dose combination drugs, and the submission of an NDA for DW-5LBT (US) under a new joint development. In addition, we have decided to resume the development of H-1337 by ourselves and started preparing for the next phase.

One of the important indicators for the corporate value of bio-tec ventures is the development stage of each pipeline they own. From such a point of view, we believe that our pipeline has been steadily raising the stage for the last year and we have steadily increased the corporate value.
In addition, the research collaboration with Glaukos Corporation, a US company, has progressed steadily and new target diseases have been added. We are proud that this is the result of our proprietary drug discovery technology being highly evaluated. We will continue to develop our own pipeline, including joint research with companies and universities, and aim to expand our business foundation.

Uncertainty of new drug development is increasing year by year, but on the other hand, the need for new drugs is also increasing year by year. In such a situation, our unique technical capabilities of basic research, which is a feature of our company, become extremely useful, and we believe that it is necessary to further exert our technical strength. In order to achieve the above, we will refine our research capabilities and take on new challenges to promote our business so that we can deliver valuable new drugs to patients.

We will maintain our philosophy of “innovative new drugs to the world from Japan” and will continue developing our business toward creation of additional new enterprise value to meet the shareholders’ and other stakeholders’ expectations, while emphasizing the basic research where our strength lies.

We would appreciate very much the continued support provided to us by the shareholders and other stakeholders.

President and CEO Yuichi Hidaka

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