D.Western Therapeutics Institute,Inc.is a biotechnology company that focuses on development of innovative new drags to serve patients worldwide.

Development System

Development System by two groups

controlOur development laboratories consist of the Molecular Design & Chemistry Group and Pharmacology Group. The research associates from the two groups advance development while synthesizing and evaluating compound. In the course of development exchange of opinions is active and flexible between the two groups.

Approach by the Molecular Design & Chemistry Group

The Molecular Design & Chemistry Group synthesizes patentable compounds on the basis of compound data from our unique compound library. The synthesized new compound is then transferred to the Pharmacology Group for evaluation testing. The Molecular Design & Chemistry Group makes improvements in the compound based on the evaluation test results to refine the compound that will demonstrate higher efficacy (pharmacology) and safety. This process is repeated in the creation of a candidate compound for a new drug.

Approach by the Pharmacology Group

The Pharmacology Group performs testing with compounds synthesized by the Molecular Design & Chemistry Group using animals and evaluates the efficacy (pharmacology) and safety of the compounds. The group always gives feedback on the evaluations to the Molecular Design & Chemistry Group, and reevaluates the further refined compounds: this process is repeated over and over again. When a final candidate compound is found by repeating this process, it is also the responsibility of the Pharmacology Group to determine the target protein using the Drug Western Method and elucidate the mode of action.

Collaboration among government, industry and academia

Our research and development is carried out in the government-industry-academia collaboration course, “Clinical Drug Creation Research Course,” established by the Company at Mie University. The Research and Development Institute is established in the Faculty of Medicine of the University at Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, having access to the knowledge and equipment available at the university to facilitate effective research and development.

Relationship diagram between the Company and external organizations


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