D.Western Therapeutics Institute,Inc.is a biotechnology company that focuses on development of innovative new drags to serve patients worldwide.

Infrastructure Technologies

Three Drug Creation Engines

Our infrastructure technologies consist of three drug creation engines.

1.Compound Library

Our Compound Library is a unique library accumulated by the founder who has engaged in research and drug creation activities with a focus on inhibitors of protein kinases over a long term. Originally, the compounds were developed for the research purpose and included many highly active but at the same time equally toxic compounds, and some of representative ones are commercially available for research reagents.
Compounds in this library are called seed compounds from which drug candidate compounds are being created.

2.Drug Design

Our founder has engaged in development of drugs in partnership with Japanese pharmaceutical companies in the past. In addition to these findings, his enriched molecular pharmacological data and analytical capabilities originated from intracellular signal transduction research offer a big advantage for capabilities of designing new drugs or drug design capabilities in the fundamental research. These high drug design capabilities enable us to create drug candidate compounds at a high probability in the development of new drugs said to be one in ten to twenty thousand.

3.Drug-Western Method

The Drug-Western Method is a method to examine which protein an administered drug binds to in the body.
Under certain conditions the gene of a protein bound to the drug is isolated, and gene sequences are analyzed to identify which protein the drug bound to. By examining the function of the protein, the possibilities of the new drug to be developed can be elucidated.
Identifying the molecular target of a new drug at an early stage of the drug development not only clarifies the efficacy and safety of the drug but also has a great impact on the efficiency of subsequent new drug development including clinical studies.

Overview of Drug-Western Method


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